Symmetrical NFT

Public Sale is live now!

The Details

Symmetrical NFT is a limited collection of 10,000 modern & minimalistic, algorithmically generated art compositions created and forever living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Symmetrical NFT composition is unique and programmatically created from hundreds of possible traits, including color, shape, number of elements, unique colors per composition, and more.

All are beautiful, but some are rarer than others... and, some are very valuable.

What Makes This Project Different?

50% of all the revenues from this project go back as giveaways to our community (NFT collectors/owners and the project’s Discord and Twitter followers and supporters).

In fact, the brand name “Symmetrical” was selected by the founders rooted in the core idea that both the project’s creators and community should share equally in the minting revenues and OpenSea’s aftermarket sales commissions.

Symmetrical NFT Giveaway Roadmap

Artwork Sneak Peek

Verified collectors/owners of each NFT will receive commercial use rights and a custom link to download a high-resolution version of their unique artwork suitable for museum-quality framing.


Wen Minting?

Minting is live now. Please mint here:

Can I mint directly via Etherscan via the Smart Contract?

Yes, you can mint directly via our verified Smart Contract.

How do I purchase a Symmetrical NFT?

To mint, connect your wallet, using Metamask, and complete the transaction. Please mint here:

How much does a Symmetrical NFT cost to mint?

.06 ETH. There are no bonding curves here. Buying a Symmetrical NFT costs 0.06 ETH. There are no price tiers; membership costs the same for everyone.

How many Symmetrical NFTs will be minted?

10,000 NFTs.

Is there a limit to the number of NFTs I can mint?

25 Symmetrical NFTs per transaction, unlimited transactions per wallet.

What is the official Opensea link?

Wen is the reveal?

Each NFT will reveal itself almost instantly upon minting. Due to the nature of our Giveaway Roadmap, we opted for instant reveals.

Where can I find rarities?

Rarity Tools and Rarity Sniper will be announced after we are sold out. The relative rarities will also be listed in the Opensea properties for each NFT.

What Exclusive Perks do Owners Receive?

➼ Automatic entry into all ETH giveaways during the minting process (see above Giveaway Roadmap) and after minting concludes.

➼ Automatic (and possibly exclusive) access to the Pre-Sale Whitelists for future Symmetrical NFT projects (yes, we are planning to do many more art-inspired projects!).

➼ Full commercial use rights of each owned NFT and a custom link to download a high-resolution version of each unique artwork suitable for museum-quality framing.

➼ Additionally, the first 250 people to mint a Symmetrical NFT — and the first 500 people to mint 3 NFTs — will receive a free, physical canvas print of the Symmetrical NFT composition of their choice to hang on their favorite wall.

Anyone that mints more than 3 NFTs will be eligible to receive one free physical canvas.

Thanks for your support!

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